The net that's happier than you!

A short history of Happynet

HappyNet is one of the older domains on the Internet with a Creation Date of 1993-10-06T04:00:00Z. On that date I was informed that my upstream host would no longer support uucp. At that time Happynet existed as a uucp node called avenger. In those days email was transmitted by uucico (unix to unix copy in copy out) in store and forward format. You would send email to me using "bang path" addressing in the format !barrnet!portal!avenger!postmaster.

The name HappyNet was selected as a tribute to Leader Kibo's Happynet Manifesto.

In those days avenger was a 286SX with 1mb RAM (4-256K socketed DIPs), 40mb HD (Seagate ST-251) running SCO Xenix.

Earlier incarnations of avenger ran on MS-DOS 3.0 and DR-DOS 6.0 and it served a CIT-86 BBS and later a WWIVnet node. It was a testbed in some early attemps to route email between the internet and Prodigy and later WWIVnet. And for a short period in 2007 Happynet ran as a TOR onion service just to see if it could. Happynet has happily run on SunOS, Solaris, BSDI, IRIX, FreeBSD, Mac OSD X 10.2, Windows Server 2003 R2, Fedora Core and CentOS. HappyNet is OS indifferent and will run on anything.

Today HappyNet runs on Amazon Linux on an EC2 virtual machine somewhere in Ohio.

HappyNet's core values: PRIVACY, SECURITY.

The HappyNet Mascot

Here is a picture of Fergus for you to admire. You can learn a lot by studying a picture.