Welcome to Happynet

happynet.com is a domain name that was basically chosen at random years ago to replace the uucp node known as avenger so I that I could continue to receive email as it transitioned from uucp to smtp. Since then it has been used mostly for smtp and a usenet feed and the occasional fooling around. I am now using it to showcase some of my collections of United States Currency, primarily in the context of related sets and subsets of currency. Upkeep and updates will be random, arbitrary and capricious.

The $10 National Bank Notes of Charter 5105

Series of 1902 Third Issue (Plainback) $5 National Bank Notes of San Francisco

Large Size $5 notes from the Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco

Series of 1914 $10 Blue Seal Federal Reserve Notes

Series of 1914 $20 Blue Seal Federal Reserve Notes

Small size National Bank Notes of San Francisco

All the notes seen on these pages are from my collection. They are not for sale. I produced all the scans and all of them are Copyright © 2002-2006 R. P. White, unless otherwise noted. All rights reserved. That means that you cannot reproduce the images here without my permission. You are, however, welcome to use any of my images, provided that you cite me as the source. I am happy to provide any information about these notes, including high resolution scans, for research or publishing, just send an email to me. Please note that I use a draconian spam filter so if you do not receive a response within a reasonable time you might want to try sending your email from Yahoo, Hotmail, AOL, or Gmail, all of whose mail exchangers are white-listed.